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Neafs heatsticks

From the ground up in 2015, NEAFS has focused on providing wonderful taste experiences, as a alternative to help smokers overcome their reliance on tobacco combustible cigarettes. Compatible with most devices, our NEAFS Sticks have grown in popularity around the world. Continue reading below to learn more about the NEAFS brand.

Through our consistent R&D with laboratories, we have created our own unique blend of natural herbs and tea leaves, giving NEAFS a truly unforgettable and enjoyable flavour. Using tea and herbs, instead of tobacco, allows us to provide an even safer experience, while also achieving the taste-experience of other tobacco-based brands. Using natural herbs and tea has also allowed us to create a wide variety of flavors such as Classic Virginia Tobacco, Mojito, Strawberry, Menthol, while focusing on safety for users.

As nicotine addiction is such a challenging obstacle for people wishing to stop smoking, NEAFS products provide a far less harmful alternative, with all the satisfaction and experience of smoking whilst reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals. We don’t compromise on flavour or nicotine, but we do lower the risk by at least 90%.

We are committed to leading the industry, through best in class products, flavours, design, technology, consumer experience and scientific evidence. Our commitment to your enjoyment and safety is always our No. 1 priority, and our continued research and development will ensure we always stay at the forefront of this emerging industry.

For those searching for a safe and reliable tobacco alternative, without the toxins associated with classic ignited tobacco, be sure to try NEAFS today!

Neafs herbal heatsticks can find in one most popular shop in Europe hotsmoke.eu. Neafs sticks have very good taste use heat not burn devices: IQOS, HITASTE, QOQ, KAMRY and other heat not burn systems. This sticks made from herbal granules who provide nice taste. Sticks are free nicotine and free tobacco, also this brand and with nicotine salt. Neafs heatsticks have good recommendations in all Europe.

  • Neafs with nicotine salt are free tobacco.
  • Neafs package also can be free nicotine and free tobacco.
  • Neafs heatsticks you can buy from our store hotsmoke.eu, buy now!
  • This sticks can be only use with all heat not burn devices: IQOS, HITASTE, QOQ, KAMRY and other heat not burn systems.

More about Neafs sticks: www.neafs.com

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