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heat not burn

About The System.

Heating cigarettes (systems) work by heating tobacco to a certain temperature, tobacco vapors are formed, which, when smoked, make the smoker feel similar to smoking a regular cigarette, only the heating temperature of HNB tobacco is much lower (50-350 C) than conventional cigarettes (up to 900 C). , therefore no real combustion process takes place and no combustion by – products such as tar, soot and other toxic substances harmful to health are released. Most consumers describe HNB cigarettes as having a milder taste than regular cigarettes, due to the lower vapor temperature of tobacco compared to the combustion products of smoking a regular cigarette, it may seem like a deficiency to HNB to someone, but very little compared to the fact that cigarettes (systems) ~ 90-99% do less harm to health than regular cigarettes.

Components Of Heating Cigarettes.

  • Holder (heating system).
  • Heating element (heater).
  • Charger (Power Bank).
  • Use heatsticks (heets, tqs, unicco…)
  • Accessories.
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Heating element

Heating element



Almost all major tobacco companies produce or plan to offer HNB-based products in the near future that are likely to replace conventional cigarettes. In advanced countries such as Japan and Sweden, there is a trend towards replacing conventional cigarettes with HNB cigarettes, as well as a reduction in the prevalence of smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer. Heating cigarettes (systems) can also serve users of nicotine patches, i. for those who, for fear of health problems, gave up conventional cigarettes but longed for the process itself and the taste of tobacco.

heat not burn technology
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