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HiTaste brand cigarette heating systems are the result of a combination of technology, modern art and fashion. These are economy-class, aesthetic products that attribute themselves to the attributes of ‘fashionable lifestyle’ and ‘healthier smoking pleasure’.

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About The Company

HiTaste is manufactured in China, Shenzen Province, which is considered to be the largest supply center for electronic and heating cigarettes. Sailing electronics technology co. Ltd. The experience of the factory specialists, the introduction of new technologies, constant updates and testing works, the highest level of quality control, the clever team of designers allow HiTaste cigarette heating systems to occupy a strong position in the market as an extremely fashionable brand. Scientific advances in the manufacturing process and sustained innovative product design allow HiTaste cigarette heating systems to be called elegant, providing a refined and at the same time healthier smoking pleasure than conventional cigarettes. The philosophy of the developers of HiTaste is based on the belief that if smoking is incompatible with health, then it is necessary to eliminate the components that are harmful to health and the environment, while maintaining the essence – the pleasure of the smoking process and the taste of real tobacco.


Advantages of HiTaste cigarette heating systems: Like all cigarette heating systems (heat-not-burn), it works by heating real tobacco, resulting in a natural, true taste, but without the tar and other harmful impurities typical of conventional cigarettes. Thanks to the 650 mAh battery, ten smoking cycles can be performed with the device fully charged. There is a temperature control function for the tobacco heating element. The tobacco is heated using from several sides, thus maintaining a uniform temperature, the developers of HiTaste claim that this makes the taste even better. The device is conveniently charged via the USB connection.

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