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About The Company

KAMRY cigarette heating systems are manufactured in 2007 est. Shenzhen Kamry Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Fly Smoker Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.). The company has accumulated considerable experience in the production, research, sales of electronic and heating cigarettes, and the factory, research and development center and marketing center meet the standards of state-of-the-art factories, the products have already gained market share in America, Europe and Southeast Asia. The company cooperates with other well-known tobacco brand companies and trading companies both in China and other countries. It owns several subsidiaries with four fashionable and well-known brands: Kamry, Kecig, E.H2o and Qianshang, which consist of dozens of products. Kamry is undoubtedly considered a leading brand in its field.

KAMRY’s business principle is based on quality, innovation, efficiency and integrity. The application of scientific and technological innovations allows the product to constantly remain on the lists of the most fashionable products, without sacrificing quality. The good prospects of the company are also shown by the fact that the CEO of KAMRY, Mr. KAMRY, was elected the Chairman of the first Chamber of Commerce for Electronic Cigarettes, established in 2013. He.

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KAMRY aims to become the world’s leading company in electronic and heating cigarette products and services while maintaining the highest level of consumer satisfaction. Guided by Eastern customs and wisdom, therefore, the principle of simplicity, the pursuit of happiness, gratitude, “get-give” are the cornerstones of KAMRY’s philosophy. The company’s immediate plans are to establish a charity.

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