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neafs heat not burn neafs heat not burn


NEAFS heat sticks were designed to help quit smoking, help smokers overcome their addiction to tobacco cigarettes. NEAFS HeatSticks are designed to be compatible with many of the heat not burn devices that are gaining popularity around the world today. NEAFS has created its own special blend of natural herbs and tea leaves to give NEAFS a truly unique and pleasant taste. The use of herbal leaves allows to create a wider range of flavors, including ice cream, lemon, mojito, blueberries and menthol. For those looking for an alternative to traditional flavored tobacco, we also have Classic Tobacco and Original flavors, each of which offers a real smooth taste of Virginia tobacco, in addition to the harmful toxins that are released during ignition. Are heat not burn products popular? Sales of Heat Not Burn products are high and growing rapidly in Japan, where, according to the latest estimates, they account for about 5.5% of the cigarette market. In other areas, including Russia, China, and many European countries, the use of heat not burn heating products is now growing steadily, and the technology is expected to become more widely known as they become more widely known. However, there is currently little knowledge in the UK about heating products and their use. A recent survey found that very few incandescent cigarettes were used in their sample in the UK, and many people had never heard of the new phenomenon at all.

NEAFS heatsticks  can be found in our store.


CCOBATO is a heat not burn brand that uses herbs instead of tobacco in its products. CCOBATO is the reverse of TOBACCO, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing tobacco-free, nicotine-free and no harmful heavy metal tobacco substitutes to smokers. This makes it easier for regular tobacco smokers to significantly reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. 2020 February CCOBATO Electronic Herbal passed the JFRL and TCT tests. The JFRL test was conducted by the Japan Food Research and Analysis Center to ensure the safety of substances and health, free of nicotine, free of harmful heavy metals, and free of harmful smoke. CCOBATO heatsticks are made from herbs.

UNNICO AND CCOBATO heatsticks can be found in our store.

ccobato herbal sticks ccobato herbal sticks
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