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Heatsticks free nicotine

Heat Not Burn HERBAL HEATSTICKS is a new in the heat not burn range. Using herbal instead of tobacco in its products. This makes it easier for regular tobacco smokers to significantly reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. Herbal Sticks started production in 2018 in China. There are already many manufacturers like: CCOBATO, HEALCIER, GENMIST, UNICCO, NEAFS These cigarettes contains nicotine, resins, tobacco and formaldehyde. These manufacturers have JFRL, TCT, CE, ROHS, GMP, ISO, CNAS, ILAC-MRA certificates. The JFRL test was performed by the Japan Food Research and Analysis Center to ensure the safety of substances and health, free of nicotine, free of harmful heavy metals, and free of harmful smoke.

Nicotine-free cigarettes can be found in our store.

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