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Heated Electronic Cigarettes

Most smokers have already tried, or at least heard of, electronic cigarettes, the advent of which has aroused great interest in the market and led some consumers to give up regular cigarettes. The benefits and risks of e-cigarettes have not been accurately assessed by health organizations and scientists, and as this is a new device, research is insufficient. Legislation governing the use and sale of e-cigarettes varies in many regions. The latest technology heat-not-burn cigarettes are often mistakenly referred to as the new generation of electronic cigarettes due to their visual similarity to the hugely popular e-cigarettes. Despite the external similarity, these are products based on completely different technologies. The vaporizing filler of electronic cigarettes consists of propylene glycol, then optionally a certain amount of nicotine, odors and flavors, and the heat-not-burning cigarettes (hereinafter HNB (heat-not-burn) contain real tobacco!

Philip Morris International started to develop the predecessors of modern HNB cigarettes in 1988, but only in recent years, with sufficient technological development, such products can be said to fully meet consumer expectations, finally launching a product the health risks of cigarettes. The goal of making the best possible use of as many natural products and as few chemical products as possible has been achieved.

Heating cigarettes work by heating the tobacco to a certain temperature, tobacco vapors are formed, which, when smoked, make the smoker feel similar to smoking a regular cigarette, only the heating temperature of HNB tobacco is much lower (50-350 C) than conventional cigarettes (up to 900 C). real combustion process and does not emit combustion by-products such as resins, soot and other toxic substances harmful to health. Most consumers describe HNB cigarettes as having a milder taste than regular cigarettes, due to the lower vapor temperature of tobacco compared to the combustion products of smoking a regular cigarette, it may seem like a HNB deficiency to someone, but very little compared to the fact that cigarettes ~ 90-99% do less harm to health than regular cigarettes.

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