Warranty service deadline

‘HotSmoke’ ‘is sold with the maximum warranty period of 12-24 months from the date of purchase. The warranty period for different products (models, manufacturers, etc.) may vary. The warranty period for each product is available in its full description.

After-sales service

Warranty service is applicable only to e-mail. part of the cigarette unit (battery modifications, batteries, etc.)

Warranty service does not apply to:

  1. If the device battery is mechanically damaged (broken or broken);
  2. If the unit was not operating properly (it is not used for purpose or used otherwise than in the device user’s memory);
  3. If the product warranty period has expired.

Warranty service also does not apply to quick-wearing parts of the unit, such as punchers, mouthpieces, heating heads.

HotSmoke provides its customers with the ability to test their products without any risk before purchasing them. If the product you have purchased does not meet your needs, return it to us within 14 calendar days after it is purchased and retrieve the money you paid.

Note: the cost of a refund will be deducted from the cost of parts of the quick-wearing device (sunshades, heaters and mouthpieces). They do not have a money back guarantee!

Refund Guarantee does not apply to:

  1. In the case of merchandise, there is a defective appearance (dusted paint, scratches, other mechanical damage);
  2. Goods damaged due to customer’s fault;
  3. In the case of goods returned without original packaging, not full-set, etc.


In order to recover money for goods that do not match your needs, you can:

Return the item to the HotSmoke Store where you purchased this item: After reviewing the status of the HotSmoke, you will be contacted for refunds.

Return the item to the HotSmoke office: contact the HotSmoke administration by phone or email ( and send a non-matching item to your HotSmoke office. Include a brief description of the item in the Shipping, and contacts that, after assessing the condition of the product, will be contacted for refund or replacement of the item. After sending the item, contact HotSmoke by telephone or email and provide the shipping number.

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